Breaking charm: cheating urban experience

What if we stopped the transportation of artworks? Would the transmission of art knowledge stop as well? If the work of an artist does not circulate, it will never reach the audience. By using cars as an exhibition space, we are initiating a shortcut between the artworks and the spectators. The car is also an intimate space, most of us spend a third of our lives inside of them. We are either passive individuals: experiencing landscapes unfolding in front of us, hearing sounds transmitted on our radios, sitting in industrial furniture designed for our driving comfort, or active ones by appropriating the space to reflect our persona and habits. A curatorial proposition by the students of Visual Arts in the framework of the course “Curating And Its Problematics”.

Participating artists: Teachers [Vartan Avakian, Tony Chakar, Ali Cherri, Emilie Duval, Gilbert Hage, Lynn Kodeih, Ricardo Mbarkho, Graziella Rizkallah, Ghassan Salhab, Tamara Al-Samerraei, and Jalal Toufic] and students of ALBA