Meziara Architects

Vikram Divecha

Meziara Architects is a project which is curious about the this design process, and which takes on a handmade ‘urban’ approach. Through this process it inquires into the relation of the (urbanized) townsfolk and the forest that surrounds them. Hamid El Bacha (56) and his son Michel El Bacha (32) were invited to envision a home at this site in the middle of the forest, where blocks are stacked. “In Miziara Architects we follow father and son through their design journey, which we see taking shape as a 3D structure. As they debate and collaborate, an architectural narrative unfolds, which opens doors to sociological norms and generation gaps.”

Date: 2014
Location: Meziara Forest
Medium: Installation
Material: Video
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Site-specific intervention Participatory art
Framework: Meziara International Artists Residency
Authorizations: Municipality of Meziara
Commissioner: Artist-led initiative