I plant a tree

Mo Abd-Ulla

Many houses are still in ruins, skeletons of architecture. Around these monuments of destruction, life goes on, shop owners are waiting in front of their shops for clients, a lively traffic of old cars, children waiting in front of the internet café. On five spots in the streets of Aley Abd-Ulla and Stahmer were hanging a series of posters, in a daily rhythm, starting with the picture of a destroyed house. On the next day, they glued a new poster as a second layer over the first one. Plant a tree. Followed by a second ruin. They measure the tree. A blueprint of the same house like a trace of memory for the next poster, which bleached out in one sunny day, they sit in the shadow of the tree. With every layer the object changed, the surroundings changed. In an ongoing rhythm of pictures and texts, they communicated with the place and the inhabitants of Aley.

Date: 2005
Location: Aley
Medium: Installation
Material: Posters
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Site-specific intervention Urban & street art
Framework: Artists’ International Workshop: Aley
Authorizations: Municipality of Aley
Commissioner: Artist-led initiative