MK3D Vendome

Christian Zahr

MK3D Vendome is a design and architectural piece that follows the shape of the Vendome Stairs situated in Mar Mikhael Street, Beirut. Like all of Zahr’s works, this intervention was carried out without the issuance of any permits, but rather in parallel with the annual festival occurring in the same location and entitled Nahna wel Amar wel Jiran. Through this strategy, the artist outmaneuvered the system in order to provide the artwork with a higher rate of survival and more visibility. In an interview conducted by Temporary Art Platform, he unveils the inspiration for this project: “The bench was the result of intuition. I followed the form of the stairs and the topography of the space and got inspired by the flux of people who unconsciously stop at the exact level of the stairs where the benches are installed today.”

Date: 2012
Location: Gemmayze
Medium: Urban furniture
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Site-specific intervention Public sculpture
Authorizations: N/A
Commissioner: Artist-led initiative