New normalcy


In a world of rushed wheels and a crippling pace, overpopulation and extinction, consumption and malnutrition, ecological collapse and virtual reality prosperity, education and demoralization, environmental simulations and global warming, people could no longer catch their breath. As global economic, nutritional, and environmental crises were arising, one crisis locked down the globe; the corona virus. it all came to a sudden pause. a second chance to realize and reflect to redirect the path taken by humanity; people’s daily actions, norms, and habits, people’s choices, options, and decisions. many of us know that the normal we knew was no where close to normal yet the normal we need is nowhere far. despite the fact that large scale production and actions are leading factors in the exponential destruction, individual actions form collectives that impact the ecosystems that house us all. New normalcy offers us all a step back to see the wider picture and a closer look on nature. while we are busy with our lives, setting our needs and wants first has turned us blind to our surrounding. starting with our generation, very few of us have seen a flower grow from a seed to a blossom or two animals interact in nature; reality- not digital screens. we belong to an ecological cycle that we have not just excluded ourselves from, but also disrupted. new normalcy gives us a second chance to realize, learn, and challenge our daily habits New normalcy is an instagram platform that invites us all, ages 3-150, to be conscious of our living, our surrounding, and our habits the organisms that surround us, the organisms that feed us, and the organisms that feed on us, the objects we use, the objects we disregard, and the ways in which we interact. the five of us do not have a solution for the future. nor does any one on the planet. New normalcy invites you along a path; a route; a guide; to act and redirect. Rana Haddad with Yara Haidar Ahmad, Salameh Abla, Nour Bissat, Aya El Soufi, Nora Osseiran.

Date: 2020
Location: Online
Medium: Online platform
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Ephemeral
Tags: Internet art
Authorizations: N/A
Commissioner: Artist-led initiative