Fernando Palomar

In this personal project Fernando Palomar goes on a journey he describes here: “The most extraordinary finding was music, a piece of music assimilated and cherished by me since my childood. I found out by chance that a fellow artist at the workshop used to play it at home, every morning just after waking up. That music that I felt was so deeply mine; but I had to give in to the fact that it belonged to everybody, as it was also hers. It revealed delicate and profound things. I felt Lebanese and Mexican and German that afternoon in Beirut when I asked my new colleague and friend Cynthia Zaven to play Bach’s Goldberg Variations for Guadelajara. I tried to capture through video that very special moment, to share, with all the people of Aley that piece of German music that I had brought from Mexico in my heart, but had always been here, in Aley.”