Theo Mercier

True stars of archaeology displayed in Baalbek act as ghostly copies of the Ashanti doll from Ghana, Venus of Willendorf, Tlaloc statue, Mumuye statue, Chimú statue, Moaï and cycladic idols. Icons of disappeared civilisations, these interpretations of famous archaeological gures question our constant relationship to time, history, to the production and reproduction of works of art. These sculptures manually reproduced in polystyrene are based on photographs, reduced or enlarged, and were subsequently placed in the darkness of a grotto and were transformed by the atmospheric conditions, letting the environment influence and interact with their nature.

Date: 2015
Location: Baalbeck
Medium: Installation
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Displayed in public
Framework: The Silent Echo
Authorizations: Municipality of Baalbeck
Commissioner: Studio Cur/Art