Le Salut

Charbel Samuel Aoun

Buried morphology, the land in Sin El Fil presents an island wedged between a road and a buried river. A river is perceived today as a flow of water, though it’s normally an entire ecosystem with a natural skin. Today the morphology of the Beirut river has become a concrete tunnel. To access it by sight, you have to approach a cement wall and make an effort to see inside scenes of a hybrid river between water, sewers and the debris of a civilization. The olfactory experience is also specific… The proposal is to excavate in this land looking for an ancient morphology which goes from the level of the street towards the level of the river. This path tries to communicate with the river through the drain hole in the wall. It is this small space that has become the only means of contact to imagine in the ruins of a natural river. The sound, visual and tactile atmosphere of this buried river is an experience of fragility, of a socio-environmental reality.

Date: 2021
Location: Beirut RiverLess Forest, Sin El Fil
Medium: Installation
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Ephemeral
Tags: Site-specific intervention Land Art
Framework: Art, Ecology, and the Commons
Authorizations: Municipality of Sin El Fil
Commissioner: TAP