Gesture I

Petra Serhal

GESTURE I is an intervention of care at a time when the Lebanese state has left its citizens to fend for themselves and deal with each other during an economic, health and political crisis. Petra Serhal felt that the only action she could take as an artist in this moment was to take care of people’s bodies. In the forest, she invited people to sit under a tree, where she used natural herbs and flowers gathered from this same forest and others, to eat, drink, smell and apply on the skin as a way to help the body relax. She shared some natural remedies she learned from her grandmother, as the attendees shared theirs.

Date: 2021
Location: Beirut RiverLess Forest, Sin El Fil
Medium: Performance
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Ephemeral
Tags: Participatory art Site-specific intervention Social practice
Framework: Art, Ecology, and the Commons
Authorizations: Municipality of Sin El Fil
Commissioner: TAP