The Matrix for AI et AI

Jalal Toufic

The screning of Jalal Toufic’s trilogy that lasts 72 hours and 41 minutes: The matrix for realists (aka Reviewing The Matrix in Terms of One Cypher), the Matrix for Radical Simulationists (aka How to Read The Matrix as a Cypher), and The Matrix for Realists (aka Reviewing The Matrix in Terms of One Cypher) – A Timesaving Perception-Taxing Version. In Toufic’s version of The Matrix what happens in the Matrix is provided in Unicode (Universal Code Character Set) – on the right side of the screen for images, ad on the left side of the screen for sounds.

Date: 2018
Location: Tripoli Citadel
Medium: N/A
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Digital Art Displayed in public
Framework: Cycles of Collapsing Progress
Authorizations: N/A
Commissioner: N/A