Bit téléférique

Dictaphone Group

Bit Téléférique took the public on a “touristic” trip inside the Jounieh cable cart. Through interactions with audience members, the journey uncovered narratives that aimed at looking, from high above, at Jounieh with a critical eye. When faced with a traumatic situation, some people are able to get out of their own bodies and watch themselves from above as a way of distancing themselves from the trauma. Building on this idea, Dictaphone Group invited the audience to get out of the city and observe it from the top of the mountain. ‘Perhaps by being able to re-imagine the city, we will be able to survive it.’

Date: 2010
Location: Harissa
Medium: Performance
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Participatory art Social practice
Authorizations: Artist-led initiative
Commissioner: N/A