Readily Reversible

Ilaria Lupo

During several months, Lupo visited skyscrapers under construction, asking the labourers to provide her with a picture taken from the rooftops. The relationship with altitude is at the core of the performance Readily Reversible. Ilaria Lupo took her blanket and her pillow and slept at night in a wire basket hanging from a crane at the height of the 15th floor of a building under construction. The title’s expression ‘Readily Reversible’ comes from the definition of sleep as a ‘readily reversible state of reduced responsiveness to, and interaction with, the environment’.

Date: 2012
Location: Mar Mkhael
Medium: Performance
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Site-specific intervention Social practice Participatory art
Authorizations: The building landlord
Commissioner: Beirut Art Center