Stephanie Saadé

Moongold is a process on going for several years already where Stéphanie Saadé takes photographs of the moon with her mobile phone, whenever she notices it in the sky. The star is then gilded with Moon Gold leaf on the printed photographs, which form a diary of her travels, in close relation with the moon and its different phases. In Tripoli, the framed Moon Gold photographs are fixed on mobile structures, which the public can interact with and move around in space. The artist selected 30 Moon Gold, each taken on a different day and in different locations such as Beirut, Paris, Athens, and Mexico. First organised chronologically, they are to be disseminated by the visitors of the show, as an ever-moving calendar.

Date: 2018
Location: Tripoli Citadel
Medium: N/A
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Displayed in public
Framework: Cycles of Collapsing Progress
Authorizations: Municipality of Tripoli
Commissioner: Studio Cur/Art