Newton’s fault

Jose Dávila

Dávila’s work combines ostensibly opposed materials, resulting in installations in which forces and forms are balanced to achieve a harmonious whole. His creations produce a representation of our doubts and own contradictions. The artist’s work is a visual and material aporia, an insoluble logical paradox, where we discover a coexistence of fragility and resistance, calm and tension, geometry and chaos. Dávila’s sculptures are a reflection of the phenomenon of gravity, the laws of static and dynamic energy, the tractive force used to generate motion and the compression strength, the potential for deformaion prior to the rupture of materials, and, above all, of structural intuitions. The assembly of a delicately balanced materials highlight the human intervention that transforms the space and re-signifies the object.

Date: 2018
Location: Rachid Karame International Fair
Medium: Installation
Material: N/A
Section: Contemporary
Duration: Temporary
Tags: Displayed in public
Framework: Cycles of Collapsing Progress
Authorizations: Municipality of Tripoli
Commissioner: Studio Cur/Art