TAP bridges art and possibility, by stirring the potential of collaboration

We identify

a social need, a trigger

An endangered heritage site,
community recovery amidst tragedy,
outdated conservative policies,
advocacy for administrative reforms,
outreach to a remote community,
biased and politically-charged media outlets,
administrative challenges to public art production…

We infiltrate

a physical or intangible place

A contested public shore,
a sterile medical centre,
a young native forest,
disengaged daily newspapers,
a forgotten National Museum,
a secluded village…

We produce

transdisciplinary interventions

With every endeavour, TAP sets the stage for participation in one of the following forms.

to forge lasting connections between communities and contemporary artists in decentralized locations.

By inviting them to participate in the process, isolated communities are given first-hand access to contemporary art, demystifying the practice and transforming their environment in the process. The dialogue and critical engagement equally alters the artists’ paths, inspiring them to incorporate the skills and mindsets needed to work collaboratively with communities and non-arts interlocutors. Our residencies unsettle, provoke inquiry and demonstrate  the importance of creative collective encounters in physical spaces.

Our most recent artist residency in Brazil was conceived to provide immediate support to artists and cultural practitioners in the wake of the Beirut Port explosion, by employing immersion in nature and the community of Boicucanga to prioritize care and recovery.

Past Artists Residencies:

to challenge and hack systems of social construction.

TAP strives to provide artists with production opportunities with a clearly contextual social intention, favouring emergent processes and long-term change.

Our most recent public art commission to collective OPAVIVARÁ! was conceived in an urban pandemic context to meet the urgent need for access to water in Rio de Janeiro, which has intensified with the increase of the homeless population.

Past Public Art Commissions:

to render knowledge and practice as accessible as possible in the absence of cultural policy in precarious contexts, ultimately fostering alternative models of self-organization.

Available Research Tools:

as participatory programmes designed to become iterative.

Driven by community-building and conceived to activate a certain site, the long-term aim is to adapt and deploy these models to benefit other similar sites locally, regionally and internationally.

Past Pilot Initiatives

We mediate


Social movement leaders and choreographers, justice advocates and composers, village mayors and visual artists, lawyers and land artists, urban planners and theater facilitators…

We overlap and intersect otherwise disjointed parts of an ecosystem, forging unexpected partnerships to unlock resources and magnify impact. Our shape-shifting platform hosts and facilitates the unlikely exchanges, stirring the potential of collaboration.

We prompt

the unexpected

Though we strive to connect, produce and challenge, driven by necessity and unbound by time and place, there is wonder in knowing that our interventions are transformed with every encounter, their goals and reach altered by the artists and communities who engage with them. They are not singular pursuits, conceived in search of resolution, but instead build curiosity and open-ended inquiry, prompting the unexpected and emergent to manifest.